Recruitment Solutions

Our primary area of expertise is locating and creating databases of laborers in the unorganized sector. We work hard to deliver the best staffing services by locating the best global talent for you who has already been pre-screened and pre-checked. We specialize in temporary and permanent recruitment and assist clients throughout all Canadian provinces and territories in finding the best employees.

Recruitment Assistance

We strive to provide the best staffing services for better work by bringing you the best of global talent; pre-screened, pre-checked for you.

Project Based Hiring

We take up your whole project burden and hire all the required manpower for the same

Pipeline Solutions

We help our clients build up their Database by providing them with talent pipelines.

Ancillary Tasks

We manage everything on your behalf from follow-ups to joining.


Our contract staffing services provide highly qualified professionals to fill in for special projects, peak times and other situations. When it’s crucial to balance your workload with your workforce, we can provide the talent you need when you need it.

Project work/peak planning support

We analyze our clients’ long-term seasonal and business cycles to find the most cost-effective combination of direct hire and contingent workers. LHH staffing services increase productivity and convert fixed costs to controllable, variable costs.

Contract-to-hire services

are available for employers looking for flexibility and speed to hire. You can dial up and down without committing to a hire, in response to market needs and demands as they happen. By choosing contract-to-hire, you can make more informed decisions during your hiring process, and you may find some amazing employees in the process.

Talent Management and Learning solutions

The process of gathering market data on potential candidates inside identified target organizations, is further split into teams or groups, including organograms. This is a tailored solution for clients that can make decision-making easier in situations including secret hiring, ongoing or upcoming projects, etc. By working as their talent scouts, we assist our clients by identifying and luring young, fresh talent for their business.

Our company, MIND TREE, develops individuals from a variety of industries and sectors and offers end-to-end HR services.

Talent Development

Resume building

A modern, clean, dynamic layout expertly developed around the written content of your new resume in Word & PDF is part of our professional resume writing service’s resume-building package. Exquisitely written with proper grammar and syntax and keywords relevant to your job or business. A designated resume writer will speak with you in person to properly comprehend your objectives and professional aspirations.

Interview Session

The greatest strategy to improve your interviewing skills is to conduct numerous practise interviews with a seasoned instructor. For the best results, a qualified coach should evaluate the mock interview responses, not your parents or friends. Utilizing a certified coach greatly aids! If you don’t work with a career coach, your self-assurance before the interview may lead you in the incorrect direction.

Personality Development

We offer professional personality development training services with our extensive industry expertise and experience. The offered service is carried out in accordance with the demands of our customers. Our service is part of the self-development process and assists clients in developing the mentality needed to succeed in their professional life.

Industries we cover

Personal Support


Retails & FMCG






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