Hiring the right and long term manpower!

This case study will help one to understand the complexities involved in the effective recruitment and selection process. This is based on a real organization requirement supported by us.

 This case study is about a Restaurant industry, but many of the issues mentioned are identical, across different countries and sectors.

Hiring the right candidate is one of the most tedious functions of an organisation even if there exists, a well-defined internal HR department in a system. Needless to say, the infusion of a right candidate into the system, will add value to one’s organization and it would ensure longevity  and stability in a business unit. But the point to ponder is as to how to make sure that it’s done in a systematic and coherent manner?

Hiring is a complex process and at times a new hire may  have a great impact on the organisational performance. Identifying these spiral  impact of new hiring is often a challenge  and if ignored can have severe repercussion.   

Requirement Shred with Us

The requirement of the Restaurant was to look for a Chef, a Restaurant manager and a Food Supervisor who are dynamic, ready to take challenges and middle aged.

Challenges involved in hiring

Though the recruitment of the above openings seems to be a comfortable process, yet there are numerous challenges involved in hiring for  the said positions.

The initial challenge was finding the right chef who can cook the restaurant food as per the menu. So, since all the chefs are not well verse to prepare all the dishes as per the restaurant menu, hence, after hiring, they  have to undergo the initial training of 2-3 months to match the food tastes, platting and standards.

Other major challenge was the likelihood of attrition of the chef for   a few dollars which could lead to a major loss to the employers as they have invested much time and money in their training and retention process. So if they leave the job, restaurants have to once again undergo the same tedious process of hiring and training- thus leading to a huge cost and operations losses.

 The challenge is similar, when it comes to Food Supervisor and Restaurant Manager’s hiring, as they need to liaison well with the restaurant staff  to make them work as per the norms, so in case of their leaving  the job, the probability of other staff leaving too is also high as the other staff members too might go along with them. Such an eventuality would obviously put the restraint into a financial crisis as not only the smooth operations would be stalled but the rehiring and retraining of the new staff would add to further chaos.

Our Approach 

We believe that a successful organisation is as good as its workforce.Hence, we make sure to hire the right people with appropriate qualification, experience as well as expertise. They often bring along fresh perspective that can drive growth in an organisation.

Secondly, finding talented employees means less turnover rate for a company- and that results directly into cost saving for employers since on-boarding takes much time ,cost and efforts. Besides good hire tends to stick longer.

Our approach in meeting the above two criteria are –

Analysis of a job requirement

Job requirement analysis is an important phase of any recruitment process. The analysis phase allows us to define the precise job requirements for a particular position, figure out if there will be good number of chefs and supervisors who meet those requirements and carefully, identify activities needed to generate a large number of qualified applicants.

Strategic Hiring process

We understand the need to develop strategies that would  lead to strong hiring processes while ensuring a long-term employee retention with the restaurant.

Since our focus is on the hiring of the Long term/stable manpower, we identify from our pool of resumes, the candidates who have ,so far, shown stability in their career and at the same time, who fairly well , understand there reason for applying for said positions.

In order to  ensure long term retention of these employees,  we help the candidates with their work permits and in supporting them in their immigration process, so that they  work for 2-3 years at least  with our employers. A stable, long-term stay of such employees ,thus saves our clients’ botheration of frequent lookouts for the staff. A Supervisor who stays for a longer period trains other staff members as well, yielding stability, long term, hassle free smooth operations and hence rich benefits to an organisation.

Our Expert services

While recruitment is a time consuming and tedious process, it becomes easier with “Mind Tree ‘s specialized services. We have  a direct access to candidates that are likely to be hired by one’s company and, we help  business units  to save cost, smooth working due to less employee churning, hassle  free operations as the employee stays for longer terms, ensuring, thus, that their training cost is optimally recovered and also by the time they leave, the junior staff is already well trained by them since  they had been  working together for quite some times